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  1. Hi, welcome to forum community. BEST OF LUCK
  2. So sad for this issue. I suggest you to contact fiver support team.
  3. Hi, welcome to forum community. You can share your gig on social media and try to make gig with low competitive keywords…
  4. Go to this link and check your gig active or not Link: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig If not active contact fiverr support team.
  5. Hi, welcome to fiverr forum community…Best of luck.
  6. Hi, I am facing big problem. All clients want to see my previous work. So how can I share my work with clients? I know fiverr not supported, I share my portfolio website with my client. If I share my work by YouTube, Flickr, blogspot etc, I think that’s not good way to share my previous work as a web designer and developer. Please, help only web designer and developers who are already sharing your portfolio with clients.
  7. So sad… as you have no chance to send buyer request offer, you can optimize your gigs and try to make new one and share on social media to get order…
  8. Suppose, You search in search box in fiverr. (Logo design). Then you see a lot of gigs are appeared. These gigs get 1 impression. And if click on a specific gig then that gig get 1 click and if you ordered then that gig get 1 order…
  9. Hi, welcome to fiverr and forum community… Best of luck
  10. You can share on social media…
  11. Hello, I have got my first order within 13 days by sending buyer request offer. after completing that order I couldn’t got any order without it. My gig’s impression, click increasing but not getting order… Please check my gig and give me suggestions… where I have to change?
  12. I am using Chrome. CHROME FAST MORE THAN FIREFOX.
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