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  1. do gigs get published in the end? I just posted my second gig that is pending approval I hope did nothing wrong…
  2. alright thank you so much for your support! 🥺I am selling drawing portraits. Should I sell on Lifestyle rather than Graphic Design? Graphic design is more full.
  3. How much time before having 1st order, in your Fiverr experience? I just posted my 1st Gig and I am kind of thinking about it 😊 Thank you ( ;
  4. Wow, cool version. The whole story turned out straight. Alternative Peter Pan story) 🥳
  5. Hello, there! I want to wish you all the best! :hugs:
  6. Hello @lyubavalea I think he married her but he doesn’t like her anymore. So she grew a long elf pair of ears by his spell. He is also sinking her ship. Reminds me of Beauty and the Beast, while the Beast is trying to harm the Beauty. He wants to get rid of her. The ship is set on fire and the imaginary is placed in The Neverland from Peter Pan. Seems like he never really liked her, he was just in love with her beauty for a casual fling; and he was the owner of that ship. He has a dark past, like Captain Hook; but he was the one here that didn’t wanted to grow up like Peter Pan. He also is permanently afected by a preview spell, in his life, that turned him into a Beast (monster). Best
  7. It’s legal on social media, you just can’t use services spread over websites like Google AdSense or your account will be permanently banned. P.S.: don’t promote yourself unless you have a dedicated channel (e.g.: you’re a musician with a separate Twitter/FB/IG profile or the like), have interested friends who are really, actually going to be converted into buyers, or are in very local - or at least tight-knit - groups for buyers and sellers. If you’re planning on simply posting links, you will just be wasting your time and generate no orders. alright I get it. Pretty impressive how Fiverr stands on itself 🙂
  8. Well, I actually see a pattern here. @looseink has friends on Facebook and Instagram. But Instagram can be professional/ commercial, not personal. So, Instagram can have followers not just friends. Nowadays Instagram can even be a shop. I agree with previews comment, but actually my question was if it is legal to promote Fiverr on social media or not…?
  9. I’ve heard Fiverr doesn’t like promoting on social media that much. I am curious about refering my account on Instagram and if it is legal or not. Fiverr TOS only says that sellers should not use Google Ads to promote. Does someone know if other social media can be used promote Fiverr? Thank you in advance!
  10. Because of security reasons, I think. Let me know after today if you could receive your funds afterall! :hugs:
  11. Hi! Sure I verified my phone number, and added security questions; also verified my google e-mail address, etc.
  12. Paypal and Fiverr postal addresses are verifiied to see if they match? for withdrawings? I am having problems writing my postal code in Fiverr’s Billing Info… 😖
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