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  1. Just ignore it, it’s hapening for me too
  2. I mean yeah! she’s a customer but she’s not Fiverr, what i want to say is you can focus on improving your other projects and get more customers instead of waiting for her only!
  3. Be patient, you need to give a very unique service in order to get clients, put yourself in the place of the buyer and ask yourself if you want to buy this service or no? this will help you to upgrade more your gig and find a buyer, best of luck!
  4. Hello Fiverr Community, I want your opinions about my gig( I will design your modern brand logo for your business) and do you think i will find any buyers? here’s the link of it: https://www.fiverr.com/share/qjxV8y Have a good day everyone!
  5. Congratz man! wishing you more orders and more 5 stars reviews in future!
  6. from your experience, i understood it’s about your level more than the gig you offering no ? and thank you for replying!
  7. Hello Fiver community , i want to ask you about Buyer requests, did you find it useful on selling your gig and did you sell anything from your gigs using buyer requests? lately i’m sending some offers for people using it but till now it didn’t help me, have a good day everyone!
  8. We are all on this, i’m facing this too but we must be patient, remember that we can’t have everything just like we want everytime
  9. They are choosing another gig than yours, just take a look at your gig as you’re a buyer and ask yourself if you gonna buy it or no, maybe there are some mistakes try to fix them so they will choose you next time! best of luck man
  10. Yes it’s very good as a start! good luck man
  11. Congratz and welcome to the community! best of luck man
  12. Simply you can remove it if it didn’t get that big impressions and add another gig with no problems!
  13. This forum was helpful, patient and learning are always the key to sucess. thank you!
  14. Tip: Suggest you do not address others as dear, mate, fella, brother, sister, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off. Just a thank you is sufficient. nevermind, sorry about that … have a nice day
  15. Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! Thank you, i appreciate your help mate! 💙
  16. let me say take it easy please, because i’m a new for the forums and i thought you were talking about your answers not the other posts in other threads, and lemme say again we are all here to learn and to develop our skills and to give advices for others but not making fun of the others. have a good day.
  17. i did read everything don’t worry, i appreciate sharing your thoughts about this and i will try to research and develop myself more. have a good day!
  18. Thanks for replying, i will appreciate it if you can give me any advices so buyers will choose my gig next time
  19. Make sure if you have a perfect service you will have clients, make sure you practice to develop yourself more, and you will have clients! best of luck :muscle:t4:
  20. You need to be patient, sometimes it take some time to get an order specially your first order. best of luck!
  21. Hello everyone, i hope you’re having a good day! i’m a graphic designer and i’m sharing my experience about what’s hapening to me, lately i made a gig and it come up with some good clicks and impressions but only 1 order on all those impressions and clicks, the guy i made the order for gave me 5 stars and he liked what i made for him but no more orders after that guy, any solutions? and if you need a logo for your company or you need a youtube banner or anything about design you can contact me! thanks guys! 🌍
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