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  1. you are who you are, i don't drive with money, i drive with passion.. when people respect, i did more respect, when people unrespect, so let it be..

  2. ALHAMDULILLAH!!! good job BRO!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work.. may Allah Ta'ala give you more bro..
  3. you have to do AIDA, seriously it is very useful
  4. feel bad for that bro, sometimes client not respect with us, and we cant do anything, its just like, we have to treat client well, but the clients sometimes not well with us.. and everybody just said " you are not treat clients well.. in fact their not understand what happen with seller.. there is no REPORT things from seller sight.. be patient bro, cheer up.. don't take serious from everybody who is not supporting you.. i believe all the sellers do the right way to treat the clients,,
  5. do you read about AIDA bro ?? thats very helping a lot.. and just some experience, being narrow of the scope is good to get the impression, take it serious on making explanation into your gigs bro,, follow the AIDA
  6. agree!! try to reasearch and find the unique… good luck bro
  7. hello guys, i’m just want to share to you all, to create trade mark to every portfolio image that you share to someone texting you. Sometimes they just copying your file for they need, in other words you are already got scammed!!
  8. you are welcome mate… just do the right way… and carefully read FIVER GUIDELINE thats very useful, and the important is pray to GOD… thats works!
  9. Do not worry. Fiver impressions are similar to the rules of life. because today you are liked by many people, but a few days later you are not visible. maybe they are bored or looking for something else, or just don’t need you. so don’t worry about impressions. make the impression a sign that you have to make your TWEAKING gigs more interesting. Good luck mate!
  10. good luck and keeping your hope alive, thats whats make us consistence
  11. do not wait sir… just do some " TWEAK " on your gigs, based on the FIVER GUIDELINE… have you seen the fiver VIDEO guideline ? all of them ? thats very important… i had experience about that… after 3 weeks NOTHING!, then i learn the video and just do as they show to us, and do some research about my category field… and VOALAH, i got my first client… keep tweaking your gigs,
  12. yess sure… lets go to the journey… there is a bunch of people success on fiver… and i feel the impact too… untill now, FIVER is just the most the best platform then the other… i already tested it… this platform is insane !!
  13. there is no words FASTER on every part of this world… because every FAST thing! then its FAST GONE to… so just be BOLD PATIENT… and keep learn about what your expertise… good luck bro, keep looking and searching around… and learn from the winner… and you can get too…
  14. Hi tofayel66… i do not understand about your category, but how long you’ve been in fiver ? because i had experience my 1st job is about 3 weeks after i was completed my profil portfolio and everything, just be patient and check the other that the same category with you bro… and see what they did… maybe like profile design, or maybe gigs image design… something interesting… good luck
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