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  1. Thanks to all of you for the warmest welcome and support. May the best happen with y’all! Stay blessed. 🙏
  2. I value the insights and guidance you all provide. Thank you so much! 🙏
  3. No problem! I checked your profile, and your description seems to be pretty good. Don’t see need for much improvement there. What you can do is make a picture for your gig to act as your thumbnail. You definitely want it to pop out and stand out. A perfect thumbnail is the perfect way to attract a customer to click on your “gig” and see your profile. They see that it is nice, they like it, they buy it! You have to promote yourself because you start out on the 100th page or something like that. 95% of people don’t even go to the next page. They don’t need to. They have plenty of options. Your job is to promote yourself, (social media for example) so you can get your first order. The first 10 orders or about that will be hard, then they will slowly come faster and more and easier. The best thing you can do is to respond to buyer requests. These are when a buyer puts a request on Fiverr that everyone sees, and you can respond to it and they might pick you. Many people respond per buyer request, so you have to stand out with your professional description and wow them so they say, yeah, I’ll go with this person! I personally submitted 15 buyer requests that were top-quality and professional before getting my first order. It takes time. To get to buyer requests as you might not know, on your seller page, there is a “more” option at the top of the dashboard. Click on it, and you will get “buyer requests” along a bunch of other things. You can then submit buyer requests naming your price and putting a good description. Hope this helps! Thank you, you’re amazing!
  4. These will come handy in no time! I can’t thank you enough. 🙏
  5. You’re being an inspiration and a beacon of light to the new sellers! Hope things keep getting better and better for you!
  6. It has been 2 days since I joined Fiverr. Hope everyone’s doing well. Is there any suggestion for the new sellers? I would like to catch up, thank you. 🙏
  7. Thank you so much. I’m mainly offering business cards and stationary from the graphics design section! Wby?
  8. I’m a new member as well! Best of luck to you, brother. 🙏
  9. Hello everyone, this is my second day on Fiverr!
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