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  1. change your monitor screen resolation Screenshot_6695×586 106 KB
  2. best of luck. i wish you will do best in this platform
  3. Just sitting on the forum and posting drivel will NOT get you orders. Now, if you are saying, READ the forum from top to bottom to learn all you can, yes, that will help for sure. GG i am not saying that
  4. send buyer request in best way . active as much as you can. active on fiverr forum also
  5. do your best work in this platform. best wishes for you
  6. as much as you can because there is no fixed time for buyer request, buyer knock so if you be online more you can find this instantly.
  7. stop sharing your gig it’s not effective. be online as much as you can and send buyer request. it’s my personal suggestion
  8. Gig impression, click going down and down. Please say some effective tips. my gig is here Fiverr.com swarup10 : I will do b2b lead generation and linkedin leads for $5 on fiverr.comFor only $5, swarup10 will do b2b lead generation and linkedin leads. | Hey! Welcome to my GIGAre you still looking for a b2b Lead Generation expert?Hi,I am Swarup. Here, I will try my best to fulfill your | On Fiverr
  9. Welcome bro Wish to create a bright future on this market place
  10. thank you brother for your suggesstion
  11. Does any problem for sharing gig link many times in social media??
  12. my gig click is only 3. please give some tips for improving my gig click view. thank you
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