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  1. I was cancel 2 order Bcz The client gave the order accidently as a result my order completion comes to 87% & lost my level one badge. How can I get my level one badge again. 

  2. Fiverr.com prodesignerasik : I will do trendy typographic and graphic t shirt within...For only $5, prodesignerasik will do trendy typographic and graphic t shirt within 24hrs. | Welcome to my gigYOUR SATISFACTION MY AIMFirst, take my respect. I love design because this is my one and only profession. I am very excited | On Fiverr this is my gig
  3. I delete the gig. Somedays later I the gig I again PUBLISH. but gig performance is not good.
  4. You created a gig, and then deleted that gig, meaning you lost your stats for that gig. You want to get your stats back? replay: NO. I create a gig & somedays later I delete this gig because I have some mistake this gig. So, I again the gig open with solving my mistake. Now, the gig performance is not good. No clicks, no impression. Can you tell me what I do???
  5. Please help me. At first I created a gig but this was some mistake but still had good impression but I deleted this gig. Now I setup this gig again and smart way but I lost my gig impression & rank. Can anyone please help me. What should I do???
  6. Sorry mem. Thank you for pointing out of my mistakes. I am correcting my mistakes as soon as possible.
  7. Please, help me I am a new seller. Help me to get 1st order.
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