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  1. Hello dear members i was away for couple of days from fiverr. Due to this my gig impression goes down, does this thing effect my profile or my ranking. Please serious comments are required
  2. that’s great i hope it will help a lot of new members, but i also think “Patient” is more important. i have been member of fiverr for a month but didn’t get any order hope to get in future.
  3. can you guide with the example so it will easy to understand
  4. i really appreciate for such a brief explanation as this is whole lot for me. As the question of activity, i want to use fiverr with the purpose this platform is made. In that course i come across number of hurdles so at fiverr four i feel that i am in home and i can ask any thing
  5. Can someone guide me in detail what is IMPRESSION meant in GIG. And as a seller how may IMPRESSION is suitable.
  6. I appreciate your thoughts and agree with you. but i think fiverr has to make some criteria because every single buyer request in a new ray of hope for making more income and in such conditions and offer moral of a seller get down
  7. I want to know can we exceed from the budgeted amount giving in buyer request. because some time buyer make funny offer which seems to be false offered amount. So can some one guide me in this regards
  8. I am very much confuse about Sending buyer request Fiverr given 10 offers a day to all sellers so use this opportunity to show your talent. You can send offers using Mobile [click here] Please read this can some on seriously guide me if didn’t get any buyer request how can i and to whom i can send buyer request? Please guide me i am new on fiverr
  9. i have a question on Android Phone i install the app and got online, if i exit app did i still be online in background and people see me online
  10. Hello i am new on fiverr i got some buyer request and i reply them in short time but they didn’t get back to me. I want to know am i doing some thing wrong in replying them back or late reply is a routine practice. Need serious suggestion.
  11. Please can some guide me that in sending request to buyer when we mention time of delivery when that time starts? is it star right after sending the reply to buyer or when? Serious answer is needed.
  12. thanks dear such a nice an constructive information. actually you comment not only help me but other who want to know this information
  13. Inked133351171_1004564993362792_2792625516264821089_n_LI540×1140 54.2 KBhello every one i receive a buyer request but one thing is confusing for me. If either buyer is only sending to request to me or someone else other. i draw a circle where it is written “Sent37” what it means?
  14. i have a simple question that how can i evaluate that if some some one send me buyer request is genuine or its just waste of time?
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