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  1. I have a tips for you, as you are new follow this tips. Hopefully you will get success asap: Try to follow other seller who is doing great. See their gig and get an idea what points they included into their gig, what’s the keywords and what type of gig thumbnail they used. But don’t copy anything. Just get the idea from them. Try to send 10 buyer request regarding your niche. Be specific to the buyer when you will send the request. Try to mention what can you do for them and how your service will help them. Again be specific and be humble when you will write the request. Try to visit fiverr forum everyday and read the topics. You will get the idea and also get the suggestion You don’t need to keep active 24 hours on fiverr. You can downloads Fiverr app in your mobile and it will keep remains active. Try to reply client asap when they will inbox you. Follow this rules and open 7 different gigs according to you service. And try to share your gigs to social media platform like LinkedIn, twitter and other platform. Keep patient, you will get success.
  2. Please wait for 24 hours, I hope it will fix
  3. Hi, congress that you already got feedback from your buyer about your services. I think if you can not see the feedback and also can not leave feedback for you client then please wait for some moments. It will fix. I also faced a lot of problem earlier, but when I try again later on I can see the feedback and also reply to client’s. No worries
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