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  1. Fiverr has changed its policy due to new EU law where no one can take your personal data without your explicit permission. Maybe you noticed in last year you get constant pop-ups on every site “do you agree to bla bla bla” and then you have million things to click and confirm.

    Fiverr also has a lot of ignorant people who take your name, look you up on fac or inst or link and then bother you for job or complain you did them wrong.

    I had one scammer who was furious i got him banned from site coming to my teaching profile leaving negative review. Fortunately Face staff took my case and removed his review and all posts.

    But, I never was prompt by Fiverr to have fake account name so my name is my name. If you Google it you will find my main website, my work, my books I published, my CV, PayPal (for accepting payments for my online education) etc. It was all created long before Fiverr existed (15 years ago).

    I do regret the user name I have here but not for privacy reasons.

    If you are artist and someone is using your art but bought commercial rights and still wants to credit you then providing your name is nothing against Fiverr TOS.

    In Fiverr CO for invoices you have to provide full name and physical address so…

    this was very helpful. Thanks a lot

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