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  1. Let’s hope for a better year than 2020. Happy new year to everyone. We hope the damages we had last year will be recovered very soon.
  2. Read the Fiverr TOS carefully and always follow that. Open multiple gigs about your field. Make your gigs SEO friendly and Informative. Show something different than other sellers who are already working and earning in your category. Your different type of service may attract buyers for taking your services.
  3. Not knowing passion cannot help you anyway. You can do one thing. Visit fiverr thoroughly and see the categories of services. See, what sellers are offering in those fields. Then make research on every skills and think what you can do the best. Spend much time on learning and gather your skills. You have to work hard and should be an expert on whatever you offer. Do not open gigs unless you become a master on your field.
  4. As you already have completed 10 orders successfully that means you are on right track. Keep doing your job and fullfil all requirements.
  5. You need proper marketing. Just don’t create spam on other social media. A proper gig marketing can help.
  6. No one can help you getting your order. Try to follow some steps. Stay online. Try to bid on buyer request in a convincing way. Make your gig informative and SEO friendly. Your thumbnail should be attractive and on point. Make sure your gig has some unique features which may attract buyers. Thanks
  7. Do not share your own hotspot with other fiverr user. You are safe by doing so. It doesn’t count which network area you are using. Your contact number will be counted.
  8. Getting first order from fiverr requires a minimum touch of luck. With that maybe buyer found something special in your gig that made him/her placing the order. Wish you good fortune with your future mate. Happy freelancing
  9. Everyone is pointing out that sells in December is a bit decreased for some reasons. Sadly I have opened my account in this period of time. As a new seller on fiverr maybe it will be tough to get orders now.
  10. Neither have I earned from fiverr yet. I’m new here. Although my regular clients are keeping me busy but still no luck with fiverr. Hoping for something good in near future for all of us. Thanks
  11. Your English needs to be improved. Maybe you are skilled enough to work on fiverr but here in fiverr a good and healthy communication skill is vital. Maybe fiverr CS found something against TOS in your gigs.
  12. Try to avoid using too many Emojis in a single post. It doesn’t look good.
  13. I haven’t started earning with fiverr yet. But already did some projects for my local clients. 480$ till now.
  14. The feeling of contributing something to the people you love by your own earning is incomparable. That’s my motivation.
  15. I think you need to work on your English skill first. No offense but it’s necessary
  16. He didn’t mention about getting orders. So if you want someone click to view your gig you have to draw that person’s attention. So an “eye-catching” thumbnail image is surely going to work. But yes, that’s not going to ensure that you are getting that order.
  17. Don’t go for tricks. Write a title which is more direct and make your thumbnail attractive and eye-catching. Buyer will surely click on your gig and you will get what you are demanding now
  18. Try to be online as much as you can. Always follow buyer request and try to bid in a convincing way. Make your gig constructive and SEO friendly so that fiverr search algorithm find your gig in search results. Give a eye-catching thumbnail for gig and write something exception about your service which may attract buyers. Have patience and be honest with your work
  19. I think fiverr does not support to use different payoneer account in same seller ID.
  20. You can take help from fiverr support. Ask them why your gig is not published yet. Listen what they say and do that way.
  21. It is based on the gig’s performance. Fiverr manually check and promote some gigs because they’re well decorated and delivered some really great jobs.
  22. You should report it to fiverr support. I think it would not be a wise decision to use this bug to improve your response rate ratio. That would be cheating.
  23. Don’t message buyer unless they do. It may causes you problem
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