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  1. yes, not necessarily pixel art, other formats work too. I have had experience in drawing advertising illustrations for projects like this. but 9 out of 10 sentences look like this: "We need 10,000 pictures. Budget $ 30. Time - 4 days)))" Even considering that all these pictures are a combination of clothes, faces, hats, etc., all this needs to be invented and generated. Generation is done by a special program that the client does not have. What exactly he needs, he also does not represent, there is no concept, there is no technical task. Everyone promises big money. But when you create an offer for an order, they do not accept it) The get-rich-quick tendency for some reason does not provide for investing money in this project)))
  2. What do you think about NTF? Lately there are a lot of buyers who want to create a series of nft characters or advertising illustrations for them. What do you think about this trend, about the prices they call, tell us interesting stories related to NTF in your experience of working on Fiverr
  3. Thank you for your opinion. I have worked great with people from all time zones for many years. And I perfectly understand that everyone has their own schedule of the day and no one will adapt to me) I have no complaints or problems in order to answer later. Also, I do not expect to be answered instantly when I write to a person at night (although I try to watch when a person has a day). The fact is that over the past 2-3 months I have compiled some strange statistics and I get the impression that many clients do not want to communicate with seller of their order in real time. It used to be like this - absolutely no pattern - each client writes when it suits him. Now it looks strange: a lot of night messages, in which there are several parameters: - the promise of a huge project - NFT component - complete lack of information what exactly is needed, how much and what is needed - the person does not answer my questions It may be some new type of spam, but 9 out of 10 nightly messages are exactly like that.
  4. You definitely don't read what I write. Thank you for your opinion. I heard him.
  5. Great!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I understand your position) I hope you enjoy being man without rights)
  6. I completely agree with you. I always hang around 88. But I think that it would be more correct to set the time for repeated orders - 1 year. Otherwise, it turns out that a person who worked 3 years ago will have this mark, although he has not made a single order for the two previous years. And in this case, this parameter is depreciated and does not show the true picture.
  7. Read my posts carefully. You obviously don't understand me. If you also communicate with your clients, then I would be glad to be blocked by you than to communicate in a similar way.
  8. I agree with you in many ways. But in one place you write that fivver is a business, and in another that it is normal to communicate like in a bar with a friend with a stranger you have never met, with whom you have never spoken before. So this is a business or a free friendly community?))) Indeed, a person can choose how to communicate, this is his choice. As well as my choice, what exactly is considered acceptable for me and what manner of speech I consider acceptable for myself. This works not only towards the buyer, but also towards the seller)
  9. and what exactly is the problem? that you will be able to write on another site?
  10. I don't need business books to understand that the person who talks to me like his high school friend and tells me "bro", "dude", "man", "what's up, snowflake" definitely doesn't know the rules of good communication. I repeat once again - I don't care when a person works - at night or during the day. But when I asked a specific person "you are from Europe, and I am from Europe, why do you write at night?" if he answered me: "I am nocturnal, so it is more convenient for me to write at night" that would be a great answer. And I would do everything to make our communication as fast and productive as possible. But when a person answers me, "hahaha LOL, do you have any problem with that?" I get the impression that it is not worth working with this person, since he behaves incorrectly even before starting work. This is the whole strangeness of the situation - I work perfectly with people whose time differs by 10-12 hours from mine. This does not interfere with work in any way. Moreover, when a person has evening, it’s already morning for me. No problem. But in the last few months, I have been seeing exactly nightly requests from people in my time zone. You can believe in whatever is convenient for you. Thank for your opinion
  11. Seriously. They can really work at night and don't have to adjust to me. But why do you talk about it as if it is absolutely normal to work at night. The fact that you work at night does not mean that the one to whom you are writing does not sleep at night? You look at it one-sidedly. I do not tell who and when to work, this is everyone's personal business. So moderate your passive aggression. I just want to understand why 95% of messages arrive at night. In Europe, everyone has switched to a nocturnal lifestyle or what is happening? And communication in the style of "hahaha, yes I wrote to you at night, do you have any problems? Lol" I consider unacceptable. The fact that a person works at night does not mean that he should not adhere to a business communication style.
  12. I have such a strange impression from some of the buyers. In the past few months, 9 out of 10 buyers email me at night. 2-4 AM. And this also happens with buyers who live in a time zone that differs from mine by 1-2 hours. And I'm trying to understand why people write when they themselves are at night? What are their goals? It's obvious that I won't be able to answer them at night. When I asked one of these buyers, he answered me something similar: "LOL, what problem do you have with this?" I say - "people sleep at night, in your country it is also night now, people sleep at night." To which he replied in the morning that it was not he who wrote at night, that these were some errors from the Fever message, some timeouts and something like that. " then the buyer's attempts to get rid of a quick response?)))
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