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  1. Keep patience. I get my first order after 6 month
  2. Welcome to fiverr forum Md.Rifat.God bless you.
  3. Welcome to fiverr forum. You can share your gig link from all social media platforms.you need to do it regularly.send buyer request .read fiverr forum posts.try to active online.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions.pray for me.
  5. Please check my gig and suggest me about gig ranking. I can’t get any order. Fiverr.com tania395348 : I will create and set up a facebook business page for you for...For only $10, tania395348 will create and set up a facebook business page for you. | Hi, I am a professional social media marketer. Are you looking for a professional social media marketer? Wanna create an attractive business page? If yes, | On...
  6. Very effective .thanks for your informative post.
  7. Watch english cartoon.because they speak slowly. You also watch english movie.
  8. Same problem. Now I am waiting for retake test.
  9. welcome to Fiverr forum. Best wishes for you.
  10. Try to publish 7 gigs. AT first marketing 3 gigs
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