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  1. I am not contacting someone to sell my service… You are wrong dear 🤨
  2. Hello everyone. This is the second time, I sent a message to a seller on fiver and fiver marked message as spam. I don’t know why. I contacted him for project, I sent this message “hy, this is sajid” and the message got blocked, marked as spam. Last time fiver sent me TOS notice and the reason was same, now I am going to be level 1 seller tomorrow, what about this one? Kindly check my inbox and review it. I don’t want another warning.
  3. yes bro, both, the script one and this one, not the youtube templates gig, sorry. Fiverr.com Login to FiverrFiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs. This one, I changed/renamed this when I didn’t know about the URL and SEO etc. There are no impressions on this gig
  4. you vistited my profile 😅 Fiverr.com Mrxajid: I will design your youtube end screen or outro screen for $10 on...For only $10, Mrxajid will design your youtube end screen or outro screen. | WELCOME TO MY GIG.My name is Sajid, and I am a professional editor and designerYou have to provide your logo and social usernames with the | Fiverr this one
  5. Category and URL of the gig, both are some different, that’s why I am not getting any impressions on it.
  6. I want to delete one of my gig , it was my first one, and I created this without any knowledge, the category of this gig is different from actual work, what can I do now? Can I ask CS to change category, or I have to dell this? After deleting, my reviews will be on my profile or not? Will it decrease my rating from 5.0 to low?
  7. so in order page, we can write and send @ and email?
  8. HELLO. I am a designer, in brand design, buyers ask me for email signature, but I can’t use these words, to ask for any changes or templates
  9. There is no milestone. Actually it’s a logo. I have completed and deliverd JPEG file , He accepted it and now asking me to share source file of logo before the main delivery.
  10. Hello Everyone. I have an order, the work is in two parts, I have completed 50% of the work and the buyer accepted it. But the problem is he want the source file of half work. Should I send file before order`s main delivery?
  11. Thank you dear. I got it, i think its a good idea. But i will contact CS.
  12. The rule is actually one person one account. The number of devices doesn’t matter; one person with two computers still wouldn’t be allowed to have more than one account. @mrxajid , contact Customer Support, tell them what you told us, and ask them for their guidance and their permission for your brother to open his own account. If they give you their permission, follow their instructions and it should be fine; do not open another account before you get their permission. Generally speaking, they do allow for another member of the household to have their own account, but it has to be with the permission from Customer Support, your brother won’t be able to offer the same or similar services as you, and the two of you won’t be allowed to interact through Fiverr. Thank you so much for the response, i will contact .
  13. My brother want to create an account for his Amazon work, but we have one Wi-Fi network and one PC, is it ok to create an account? If he creates, he will use his account on his mobile and sometime on PC, but same Wi-Fi, please explain if you understand,
  14. It takes time and effort to build a Fiverr business. Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! to continue building your business. But my level? Actually I am not getting any orders, 1st order was 12 days ago in last 3 months, second order was from my returning buyer. And after it, there are no clicks and orders.
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