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  1. Everything is ok now. They solved my problem. ++ for them. Thank you all for your advices. You can consider thread closed.
  2. That’s what happens when you open more than one request about the same issue. If you keep opening new request, CS could see it as spamming and block you. Opening a new request about the same issue doesn’t speed things up, it clutters the system and slows things down for everyone. Thank you. Now I understand. My mistake. Hope they will take a look on the open one and solve it. Of course there’s no spam. It/s just a person who waits for 3 days a solution. When they took their fees it doesn’t took 3 days.
  3. Thank you all for your answers . The resolution center is not available. It directs me to contact us which goes in a loop . I hardly find a way to contact support. Even I managed to do so the support is closing my tickets without solving them or at least saying something to me. I have contacted the seller and he make me a scammer , he told me that he will complete his job later, that I can cancel the deal (but there is no way to cancel it since the timeframe expired). It is my first bad experience. I have dealt with sellers who did their job in advance or after I have paid and everything was OK.
  4. Hi there, I am using fiverr for some good time. I am a buyer and I received only positive feedbacks. I have a problem with one of the sellers who did not complete his job, marked it as delivered even he provided 1/5 of the agreed amount of work, and in the fiverr system it shows delivered. Fiverr is ignoring my contact us requests. I think they just got their cut (fees) and they don’t care. Even is a low amount ($16) I can’t ignore that. I am not a scammer and I work for my money. i expect to receive something in exchange, which for this time didn’t happen. I want them to take a look over my request and say something. I opened a request 3 days ago whish is still OPEN. I opened a new request yesterday and the assigned agent “Zoran” didn’t even bother to provide an answer. He just marked it as solved without any solution. please community let me know what should I do. Thank you all!
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