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  1. Hello, I am new to fiverr and I would like some help as support is not very helpful regarding my impressions of my gig. About 2 weeks ago I got under 90% of order completion. After few days I made it 92% but my gig’s impressions are still extremely down. At 22th of January I was at 1.500 views per day and since then I am at 150-200 views per day. I am very frustrated as I have consumed time and effort and I see no results. Is that drop having to do with the order completion or is something else wrong? Thank you very much for your time to answer me. Era
  2. Hello I am new to fiverr and I would like some help about Order Completion which is stuck to 88%! I have 4 cancelled order so far (dates 15/12, 04/12, 01/15, 01/06) and I have completed 34 orders. Even I am receiving and completed new orders the 88% is not moving up. Support told me it needs 60 days to get refreshed. How many days I need to wait to come back to 90% and how many orders I need to take more to be at 90% as before?
  3. It comes out that I uploaded a picture of my ID that I took with my phone. So I uploaded a scanned document and the verification went through.
  4. Thank you. I have contacted them and I am waiting…
  5. Hello people I need your help. I am new to fiverr I just got my first client and after fiverr asked me to verify my identity I got restricted with the excuse that they tried… multiple times to verify it and they couldnt! How is that possible? I contacted them via support but I haven’t get a response yet… e775d47a-bf55-4ea3-8612-20eb004eabc9720×1280 61.4 KB
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