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  1. Hi there, So I got couple of probably common questions regarding gig modifications and Id like to hear opinions from some of the experienced sellers here. I’m nearing the Level-One seller achievement so I thought about changing the gigs pricing and probably delivery periods once I achieve that. What would be an appropriate amount to increase the pricing AND is it appropriate/advisable to increase pricing/delivery time at all once the seller level is so to speak, achieved? I know this is mostly subjective, depends on various factors and probably could impact previous buyers but just wanted to hear out some opinions.If I do decide to make these changes, only the pricing and delivery lets say, does that impact the gigs ranking/search results,etc and would those changes flag the gig for ‘further review’ status, meaning the gig not being active until it is reviewed for changes?Cheers and thanks.
  2. I have no trouble believing you. This seems to happen a lot. I don’t have a lot of Buyers yet, but one thing that they all have in common, is that they all seem surprised when I draw exactly what they had described me. When I had a look at some of my competitors I also saw a fair amount of comments like: “Quality is good, but it’s not what I asked, so I can’t use it.”. Most of those buyers leave a good star rating anyway. They seemed to have just given up on being understood and accepted the delivery anyway to move on. I don’t think they should, I think they should be honest an remove a few stars from communication. Some sellers don’t seem aware of it, having buyers pointing it out could at least inform them of what they should improve. The other day I saw a seller recommend to another seller to add a bunch of languages they didn’t speak to their profile and use google translate to understand the customers. Claiming it would get them more orders. To me this must play a part in the problem. When I pointed out that it was a bad idea and could lead to misunderstanding, I got that he has a lot of sales and good reviews so it’s okay. Either what that seller does is simple enough that nothing gets loss in translation, or that the Buyers where being nice by not pointing it out. But with advices like that being given to new sellers it’s no wonder that some buyers struggle to be understood. As a fairly new seller, this is exactly what Im experiencing these days. Buyer ordered 2 times, the orders were delivered, their feedback was exactly like you quoted. Now Im being politely asked to change things cause they’re not as requested…
  3. I actually thought of making some changes to it and now I just went ahead and literally did what you just said and it went perfectly. Thank you so much! Cheers
  4. Thanks for answering. Thats what Im curious about since I’ve just started. The only media uploaded are the screen snippets showcasing my work/quality I can deliver. I understand that the overall look/description of a gig has to be reviewed. Its just not very reassuring not seeing the gig at least in the search results even though its in active status. Im just wondering if I should just leave it be and wait out for further review or contact Support to see why does it take so long since its in active status.
  5. Hi all, I know this is one of the common questions from new Sellers but its just bugging me for the last couple of days. So it’s been around 3 days since I created my first gig and it all went fine, status being active and all. I was just wondering when your gig is active but needs further review from Fiverrs side, how long can that usually take?? and should I contact Support if it stays like that for a while? Cheers and thanks.
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