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  1. Yes, I’m always doing that. Thank you so much
  2. Thank you so much. Yes i’m stay all time online
  3. Hi everyone, How are you? I’m feeling so much bad. I was getting continuous orders. Then suddenly i completed last one Order and i get very good comment but i get 4.7 star. Then my profile get 5 star to 4.9 star. Now I can’t get any response form new buyer. My one Gig is good ranking now. Then what’s wrong going with me? Please please give some advice…
  4. Hi everyone, Can i use both Withdrawal Method? ( Paypal & Payoneer) Let me know please…
  5. 4 Order completed & 1 is running. Earned 30$ so far and 50$ Order is running. By the way i created my account 24 days ago in November. Pray for me please. Thank you.
  6. Hi everyone, Hopefully you all are doing very well I want to know is Revision have bad effect for Gig’s Rank? Give answer please… Thank you
  7. Welcome here. I wish you to be best seller.
  8. I’m joined in november and i made on November 70$ with running order so far. Maximum 10 to 15 hours / in a day
  9. Hi everyone, I had my face as a profile picture in my profile. Now i change it and using Logo as a profile picture. Then have any bad effect or any problem? Say something about this please…
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