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  1. OMG! Good lucky i just CAN’T do 3 orders in a day, I’m kind a slow worker.
  2. Well, I like to work, so yeah I feel lucky (: starting the year making some money.
  3. Just a curiosity. I received an order today and I’ll be working. Happy New Year everybody!
  4. Thank you (: I’m trying… I kind dont like social media in my personal life because I work with it hahahaha
  5. Hi guys, Can you review my gig? https://www.fiverr.com/nicolelilian/edit-your-ad-or-instagram-video I got a few orders and a nice number of messages, but I really need more orders and more money to pay my rent and medication. Thank you!
  6. I like it. I think u made very clear what you do that’s important.
  7. I don’t think it’s spam sometimes sellers want other sellers to review their gig. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. What is working to me (a lot of messages and 4 orders at my first month on fiverr): be honest and create your own brand.
  9. And that is fine, but the way you worded it might lead inexperienced users to believe that it’s allowed to exchange phone numbers with a repeat client. It wasn’t my intention. If ts forbidden so DON’T do it. I just really didnt know.
  10. It would have to be necessary to complete the job. @mattboa gave you one example; another one would be giving lessons via S.kype. It literally can’t be done without contact outside of Fiverr. However, that doesn’t cover information exchange; that has to go through Fiverr. Then you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service and risk getting permanently banned from Fiverr. I guess you’d still be able to talk to that one client via the phone after losing your Fiverr account. Oh wow, calm down. I just shared my experience I didnt know at the time that it was wrong she gave me her phone number because I made a favour for her. But yes, I’m at risk.
  11. I exchange phone number with a cliente she made 3 orders with me and it was easier this way, maybe fiverr dont want to loose clients, because its easier to negociate outside the website. Fair enough.
  12. Hi guys, I need more input, do things got better after your first order? Tell me your experience.
  13. Thank you, I did not know it was a buyer choice, but it makes a lot of sense.
  14. Hello! I recently have my first order and when I was sending it fiveer show me how would appear in my portfolio but it’s not showing ): I edit videos so would be important to me one more video in my portfolio. My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/e82pDm
  15. Thank you! (: Oh… I wish there are no grammar errors, however, I never hide the fact that I’m Brazilian and English is not my first language. I tried to put a little of my personality in the writing, so I glad you liked it. I surely hope that this 5 five stars review will help me. BTW the job I made for this client is not showing in my gig. Anyone knows why? Fiveer it’s hard bc of the competition I can’t afford to charge 5 dollars for my services, so I tried to think at a fair price for me and for the client. If it didn’t work, maybe I have to accept there’s no client for me here.
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