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  1. At first you need to keyword research properly and try to publish your gig on right category also will have a good gig title and image then try to marketing your gig on social media
  2. research keyword properly and then publish gig on fiverr next you need to share your gig on socila media
  3. there are almost all freelancer not enough order because of this is the last month of the year
  4. oh this is very sad for every freelancers
  5. yes bro the clock not started yet and i’m still now waiting for him
  6. Hi, Everyone… I Hope That Everyone Doing Very Well In December, But I Have A Small Problem, 3 Days Ago Buyer Purchase My Gig without any contact with me, that was very good for me, But He Didn’t Submit Requirements, So Still Now I Can’t Start His Order, What Can I Do Now? Anyone Can Suggest Me Anything?
  7. Try To Sent 10 Buyer request per day with the very good description
  8. try to sent buyer request very professionally
  9. bro thanks for knocking me, spend time on Fiverr Try to active Forum you need to help another sellers if you have answers and send 10 buyer request regularly, then i hope that you will get more order
  10. may be you provided some services that’s now allow on fiverr, may be you offering YouTube related services
  11. This is the last month of this year, for that reason there are not enough order on here, so we need to wait for ending this year
  12. After editing any gig it will goes down that’s a simple matter dear brother
  13. Welcome to fiverr, can you tell me why you can’t send buyer request?
  14. 2.3 is very bad for Every freelancer, you csn’g sent buyer request for this rating and it’s can hamper yoir profile, i can give you a suggestion. If you right and Your work is successful then you can contact support, support can help you properly
  15. please check your gig, may ne your gig isn’t active yet
  16. Welcome ti fiverr if you skilled wait couple of days i hope that yiu will success very soon
  17. No problem try to patience and i hope that you will Success
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