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  1. I just uesd a flag button on his gig and gave them my orginal video link and thats it
  2. He Lost All His Gigs But I Am Feeling Bad For Him But I Think that was the right way
  3. Some One Is Using My Work And Ranking No 1 Page Without Any Review I Dont Know How It Is Possible But My Original Question Can I Report His Gig And Fiverr Will Remove It And Use His Tags And Description To Rank My Gig Is This Possible? Please Suggest Me Something
  4. I Am New Seller But I Hope This 15 I Will Become Level One Seller
  5. i Was Getting 20 TO 25 Orders Per Month But Now Suddenly Orders Stopped In This Month Can You Please Tell Me If I Am Doing Something Wrong Or Want to Suggest Me Something
  6. It was just my 3rd project on fiverr and i didn’t knew that this will gonna happen
  7. 1 month ago 1 buyer came to me and gave me references that how he want 3d animation of its product and i decided to work with him I Made the exact same animation that he told me to do and on very low price of 40$ After i delivered it to him he instantly said he doesn’t like the animation and there was nothing wrong with animation and send me dispute to cancel the order but i didn’t accepted it because there was nothing wrong but he contacted fiverr and fiverr incstantly cancelled the order without seeing that the buyer is scamming me i contacted with fiverr and they blamed me for this that i didn’t give him quality work i tried my best because it was my 3rd order and cancellation really effected my gig and after it i just decided to forgot about it Now After 1 Month I Saw A Gig Using The Same Work with a five star review and a amazing feedback from the original buyer. I Want to Ask You Something That Is This How Fiverr is helping their Sellers. They are just instantly blaming seller . I think Its Time To Leave Fiverr​:sweat:😓
  8. I Am Passing Through The Same Situation What Happend Did You Figgured IT Out
  9. Yes I Checked It But NO Email I Also Tried To Change My Email On Fiver But Still No Sighn Of Email
  10. I Am A New Seller And This Is First Time I Am Withdrawing Money I Clicked On The Fiverr Revnue Card And Confirmed My Phone But I Am Not Reciving A Confirmation Email
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