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  1. Hi Mates , Today I've come for taking help in a topic. Someday before I was so much sick, that's why I've taken a leave from my works in fiverr. And started out of office mode. In that time I was so much sick that I can't completed my running order and a buyer canceled an order. Whenever I get back in fiverr I see that my Gigs are lost their rank. Now I'm asking you, how I can get back the previous rank of my gigs? Please send your value able reply, so that it can help me, also the other seller who facing this circumstance.
  2. Welcome to fiverr community. As new in fiverr you need to send buyer request for getting order for first time. Try to send 10 buyer request per day.
  3. Mr Azizur Rahaman, I think your style of writing buyer request is not attractive. And also the gig image is not so much eye catching. Please improve the buyer request writing, and Please make sure a eye catching gig image and description. This will help you to increase click and knock. Thankyou.
  4. Hi I’m new in fiverr. I’ve opened my first gig in November. In first 30 days, I’ve completed 4 order with 3 positive review and 5 stars. But from 17th December, I haven’t get any buyer knock in my gig and the impressions and click starts to become down. Please advice me what I need to do? Is it possible to have probably that the buyers are on vacation that’s why I’m getting less click and not finding orders from gig? Advance Thank you. Regards Cad_engineers
  5. Hi, Welcome to fiverr forum. Just try to send buyer request, and practice to increase your skill on free time.
  6. Hi, welcome to fiverr family. I’m also from Dhaka. Have a nice journey to fiverr.
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