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  1. I like the about the gig section , very well organised . I feel like you should focus more on the gig profile making sure you create a pallets that attracts the readers eye .
  2. I suggest moving this to improve my gig . So you can include your fiver gig link.
  3. I love play netball and British football ( soccer)
  4. Correct answer @imagination7413 go , sorry for late reply
  5. also read this for help Fiverr’s Terms of Service
  6. Did you get any notification saying your banned?
  7. Nope , don’t wanna do that , against fiver tos
  8. What do you mean by this Also okie dokie I will focus on my gigs 🙂
  9. To improve my gigs I created a social media account but what do I do know to improve my account through social media?
  10. I have a Canva gig but I’m kind of new so I haven’t got any sales yet .
  11. Can someone critique my gig please Make you anything on canva by Pumpkinkennedy (fiverr.com)
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