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  1. Hello Brothers/sisters, I’m Writing This to my new Fiverr sellers. Today, I want to write a little story about me working in Fiverr. So I have heard of Fiverr for the first time on a Youtube video, and it got me thinking about starting on Fiverr too, that I can show people my work. and I started at Fiverr hoping that I can make some little money on it and show people what I do, but my first gig didn’t get any clicks, I waited and waited so long. After 6 months, I got my first order, and from that order, I got more orders, Fiverr started noticing me. All I want to say is my dear Fiverr sellers don’t lose hope maybe one day you will get your orders too.
  2. I’m just so glad for my first order and my first 5-star rating with a tip! that’s my first step to success… I accept your advice! Best of sales for you all! Thank You, have a nice day.
  3. Hello Everyone, It’s been 35 days now I didn’t get any orders yet, I wanna know if there are any ways to promote my gigs? Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, I have been in fiverr for 24 Days Now, And didn’t get no order, But I got One message from a guy and didn’t answer me yet. Can you guys take a look at my fiverr account and tell me what i need to improve, I will appreciate That. https://www.fiverr.com/usefben2?up_rollout=true
  5. A hearty welcome to the world, I have joined Fiverr For 2 weeks now and didn’t get any orders 'till now, do you have some advice to make my gigs get some orders? And please checkout my gigs, and tell me if i can change or improve something 🙂
  6. Thank you So much, I’ll keep that in mind in my next gigs
  7. A hearty welcome to the world, Can you guys take a look at my gig and tell me what do I need to improve? I’ll be appreciated if you take a look 🙂 Usef Ben Thank You
  8. A hearty welcome to the world, I’m a graphic designer with creative and innovative design solutions. New Guy here on Fiverr excited To work here With you Guys 🙂 Can you guys take a look at my gig and tell me what do I need to improve? Usef Ben Thank You
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