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  1. facebook,Istagram,Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.
  2. Fiverr very much helpful for new seller. So be patience and also marketing you gig other social media sites such linkedin,twitter,Instagram,facebook and so on.
  3. you can send request for the cancellation order
  4. in sha allah, thank you so much for your appreciate
  5. Hi, How are you everyone?How going to well of your new year days?how started the days of new year?I look forward to my buyers response
  6. Last 7 days my gig rank was fall down quickly. But why, I couldn’t fix it and has been decreasing day by day. Already I have done 3 orders from my gig recently and get 2 positive review.Please help, why it has been happening day by day. what can I do?
  7. Hello everyone, how are you? advance happy new year for all Fiverr’s mates. Hope so good another start for 2021. In sha allah.
  8. Thank you so much. It will be helpful for me.
  9. Please tell me How can get first order?I was sent 250+ buyer request. But don’t get order.
  10. hi, I have been staying Fiverr marketplace since September and try to long live. But I don’t get any order from my gig and buyer request. I have already create 7 gig but for getting less impression i was delete 5 gigs. At present active 2 gig .what can I do for get more order and gig rank. Please give me effective suggestions. Thanks,
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