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  1. Actually this makes much more sense to me Thanks hopefully soon I will get to you with great result
  2. Upload video on your gig to make it more engaging as fiver said it increases 40% + engagement for cusotmer
  3. What is the reason that my impression is high and clicks way less Looking for a great suggestion to improve this
  4. How to turn that client into a lead where my price offering is 10X higher than what the client is offering me. Let me know how to deal with this Thanks
  5. I’m a Fiverr freelance Android developer every day I’m replying to clients and but many times what happening is I’m getting good clients as most of the times I get buyers who want to hire me for a month 25$ for an entire month and I don’t want to won’t underpaid. Please let me know what are ways to improve the presentation of Gig to attract the good client and boost my sales, as I know I’m giving my best every day but still I’m doing something wrong that’s why I get a fake buyer or underpaid work I think Eagerly waiting for your suggestions
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