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  1. I did not earn anything during first month. :frowning_face:
  2. Which is the best strategy to promote gigs on social media? Is Facebook really a good platform for gig promotion? Please guide.
  3. I think, Fiverr not support copycats. Fiverr is a large company and has its own procedure to handle these things.
  4. I think you need not worry about that. If that guy steal your words then he will not stay at your position for long time. You get back your position after short time. Need not to worry keep working.
  5. Have a successful journey on Fiverr. Good wishes from Pakistan
  6. @spark4hope Thanks a lot for giving advice. I think I should take your advice and need to work hard on an old account. Thanks again 🙂
  7. I retrieve my old account which is created in 2017. What is better to use old one or need to create new one?
  8. I think social media promotion is not enough to get more likes and clicks. Then I don’t know what we should do to get more likes and clicks on my gig. If anyone more experienced here, please guide.
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