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  1. ok.can you tell me why fiverr tell me that please make sure javascript is enabled on your browser?
  2. but i don’t refresh any page too often. it shows me from today.
  3. when i click any link of fiver they show me take one small step. i attached a image please check it and told me why it shows Screenshot 2021-05-09 215308731×521 26.5 KB
  4. I want to create a new gig that is related to an eCommerce WordPress site. but my skills are not well now. but I practising more and more day by day. what you think when its the perfect time to make a gig.
  5. no the buyer is not new. he already completed his 3 tasks with other someone. @mjaninea
  6. yes. still i see “withdraw offer”. it means he doesn’t accept my offer? @mjaninea
  7. but i see my dashboard. but there have no active order. but why? he said that he accepted and gave me a screen shot also @shipon_it
  8. I am a new seller here on Fiverr. Today one buyer messaged me to complete his work which is not related to my gig. so I create a custom offer. He messages me saying he has accepted my offer but I did not get any notification or any order in my email or my dashboard page. What money will I get if I finish the job? why I can’t see that he accept my custom offer?
  9. After creating my first gig I saw some buyer request and I also send some request which I can. in the last 2 days, I can’t find any buyer request. why? please help me to get buyer request.
  10. oh good. i feel happy to meet you @alamgir_shagor vai.
  11. just one order i got in few days ago. I am new in fiver forum.
  12. thanks @muktadirshoaib brother to give me suggestion .
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