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  1. The problem is solved. Thank you to all of you. 👍 👍 👍
  2. Hi, What if the buyer has not completed their order information and does not respond to messages, will my account be affected because of this order? What should I do? Thank you.
  3. I wonder if Fiverr will give the option to report this kind of request.
  4. + Accept some orders just for the money. Do not be frank and sincere with the buyer. Cheat with bots and/or software.
  5. I totally agree with you, But we must not forget that the joy that took us for our first order was unique, so if someone celebrates their FIRST order and only their first order, it is not bad at all.
  6. Congratulations. The fourth choice: invite me (just kidding😃) If I were you I would organize a little party with my family and close friends. Record a short video of this party that I will share on my social media accounts (Promotion of my skills).
  7. You can simply and kindly tell him/her that it is forbidden to send emails or communicate outside Fiverr, maybe he/she does not know it. If he/she insists, you can then report him/her.
  8. Peaches Plums Nectarines Cherries Medlars Melons (green and yellow) Watermelon Prickly pear
  9. I reply to all messages, even spam, and yet my rate was 99% for over two months, suddenly everything is settled yesterday, and my rate is back to 100%.
  10. Yes, if you are looking to get your account banned!
  11. Yes, there are a lot of similar topics, but the forum is a place for everyone, and what you find is “not a real problem”, it is the opposite for whoever has this problem. If you don’t like a topic, move on to the next one, or even leave, life is simple.
  12. …and in some cultures, calling someone you don’t know by his/her first name is a sign of poor education and disrespect.
  13. No review is better than a negative review
  14. I reached level one and I can understand your joy (Ok I left 😅) "the post is more about the fact that you should do what you want in life - what makes you happy - and good things will happen to you! So it’s less about the badge, more about actually fulfilling your own “meaning in life” ❤️ Congratulations !! 🎉
  15. Yes, it happens to me often, I have to explain and answer questions the detailed answer of which is already on the Gig, sometimes even for days and days, the result is that 90% of buyers of this kind do not buy!
  16. Lots of too helpful ideas in your response, I appreciate it, thanks for the advice and your time 🙏
  17. Hello, I really like what I do and consider it a fun game that’s why I treat my clients in a friendly way, not sure if it’s right or not? Apart from being professional, do we have to be serious and tough?
  18. Very useful. Thank you very much 🙏
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