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  1. Posting your link in someone else’s topic in a reply is against forum rules. Thank you very much for your guidance. Actually I am new here and when I was trying to publishing my Gig, thought to let people know about my Gig in the forum It was unknown to me. I must will not do such mistake again. Dear can you please advice me how can I must get some orders everyday when I am online and waiting for any designing job? How can I get orders, let me know know some important tips.
  2. Sorry I may be didn’t understood how I spam actually. Anyway I am here to work and make my profession as a Graphics Designer. If I did such thing by mistake I am sorry for that. But What seems spam to you ?
  3. I think you should make a very professional portfolio and then share it to the community where you can get an order. You have to engage marketing your gigs regularly. Only then you will able to get orders. Me too working the same way and I completed my first order and got 5 star rating from the buyer.
  4. I think you need to make your portfolio and then share that with so many communities and can also marketing in tweeter.
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