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  1. Hi everyone I received a positive review with 5 star rating last day. But I don’t know whether help to increase SEO in fiverr.
  2. It’s my updated fiverr version but seller mode option is not there.
  3. :thinking: not sure how could you missed it but it’s right here you just need to move slider image1242×1399 121 KBBut in the new updated version we can’t switch from buyer to seller
  4. Yesterday my fiverr app changed from seller to buyer without changing. How can i change to seller account
  5. I had started fiverr 6 months ago and I had started promoting my gigs in Facebook but there was no increase in impressions but when I started to be active in the fiverr forum my impressions and clicks is increasing. Can anyone give a correct answer for my doubt
  6. I have created my gig few months ago but till now there is no change in the gig’s ranking.
  7. If I get an order of $20 and there is some difficulties for completeing the order, then can I buy that same project from another fiverr seller at low cost of $10 and then sell it to my customer. Is it against fiverr policy?
  8. Hai my name is Thomas I started my fiverr acount on August 2020 and I created a gig and I got 2 orders and now my balance is $12 now I need to buy a gig, Can I use this money for buying. If anyone know please respond Thankyou
  9. Congratulations​:tada:🎊 wishing you all the best
  10. For getting orders first thing we need to remember is time. After creating a gig we will not get orders next day It will take weeks or months. What we need to do is promote gig in social media and be active 24/7.If you are offering a gig with high competition it can take more time for getting orders.So always be patient. Thankyou
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