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  1. @webgaragepro Don’t make a joke brother :rofl:
  2. You do realise that’s it’s a very silly decision? It’s like not getting work and changing your laptop hoping that it will bring you more clients. Did you ask fiverr CS a permission to close your account and open a new one? @mariashtelle1 of course I took refuge in Fiverr CS
  3. @webgaragepro thank you for your advice but no more on fiverr
  4. Please read my topic again and then make comment @engisanjeewa
  5. I was not getting any good results from the previous account that’s why I deleted my previous account @mariashtelle1
  6. I think Fiverr is not a good place for the seller . They disabled my account, they are saying that I am using more than one account but I disabled my previous account permanently Fiverr don’t care about Seller Now time to move on another marketplace Really got bad experiences here
  7. Thank you Brother for your honest advice
  8. Thank you Brother for your valuable advice ❤️
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