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  1. Fiverr is a $ based website and all conversions are just an estimation. Of course it’s also wouldn’t be same as you will see on google as each website will have their own conversion based on the fees. The same as even PayPal wouldn’t have the same conversion as google I know that, but if my wallet can be shown in € value the custom offer can also show it, even if I enter a $ value and a conversion is visible before I send it out.
  2. So my problem is the next. I don’t know if it’s possible or not but I cant find an option to make a custom offer in € value. Why is that a problem? Because fiverr uses a wierd conversion that never matches the conversion I look up on google. As I mostly work with EU based companies and people and I am also from EU I like to discuss the price in €. So the guessing game beings. I type in a $ value that is supposed to be x.xx € value that I want the custom offer to be and BAM, it’s more/less. So then I have to eyeball how much to take away or how much to add to that price, sometimes having to create 2-3 orders to get it right. That does not look professional at all… Could there atleast be a conversion rate that you are using somewhere on page?
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