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  1. Dear Fiverr, I can not see my gig any where in Fiverr. But all gigs show active. I am level 2 seller in Fiverr in Facebook Marketing. But after promoting in Fiverr, suddenly my paid promotion was stopped. After then my gig is not seen in searching. https://www.fiverr.com/share/AdLEj3 What is the reason for this? Now how can I do to rank my gig in Fiverr?
  2. Fiverr customer support reply this: https://prnt.sc/v2buzu Now what I have to do?
  3. Thank you so much for your valuable advice. Bro! can I complain fiverr support to find my gig? Moreover, one New seller copy my gig image and description. Is it the cause of my gig rank down?
  4. Hi! I am Mohammad Hossain. I am a professional digital marketer. I have published my Facebook Marketing Gig on March 2020 and have completed more than 42 order. I have gain 17 five star review from my buyers. My gig was staying on first page in fiverr on August 2020. But then I have to cancel 3 order due to my sickness. After that My order cancelation shows 86% and red color. Then I have not get any order for a long days. So, I had edited my gig description and pricing and change my category. As a result, I can not find my Gig in Fiverr. But my Gig shows active and when I search by category then I find my gig on 16 page. Please advice me how can I rank my Gig again and Find easily in Fiverr. Thank you.
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