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  1. @agenciawem Thanks for your valuable information. But most competitors put in a very small budget for getting the order, but I think it’s not good for others.
  2. Hi there, I am Rakib. New Seller on Fiverr. Working as a WordPress Developer. Let me know one thing, What can be the price of 1 page in WordPress for New seller?
  3. Hello, I am Rakib Hasan. Yesterday I sent a buyer request and the buyer replied but his message on the spam box. First, I didn’t see that, later I saw it and I didn’t reply. My Question is- Why this is going on spam box. If I replied to this message any problem? Somehow It affects Response Rate or Response Time?
  4. Stay active online as much as you can and send buyer requests regularly
  5. I have sent lots of buyer requests but most of them no response. how can I get an order?
  6. Create 7 gigs in various category, stay active, and refresh the buyer request page after a while
  7. Welcome to Fiverr. continuously send buyer request, and stay active
  8. Hello, bro, I’m also from Bangladesh and New in Fiverr 😀
  9. I think you can help him because and he has taken service from you before and also you said he is your permanent buyer
  10. @fahmidarahmann Yes, I am from Bangladesh
  11. Welcome to Fiverr and you really good in skill test 8.5, of course, you do not hide it
  12. Actually maybe nothing to do, because its client wish and focus on your service
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