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  1. I completed 7 house 2d floor plan and 3d floor plan ,3d exterior design rendering
  2. 22000×1598 2.16 MB FIRST FLOOR PLAN2222×1474 231 KB Uploading: render .png… RENDERING -203000×1688 1.12 MB SECOND FLOOR PLAN2222×1474 181 KB 3d floor plan -13000×1688 1.92 MB FIRST FLOOR2265×1477 158 KB fynal rendering13190×2657 3.11 MB RENDERING -23000×1688 813 KB SECOND FLOOR2265×1477 202 KB 7783000×1688 560 KB FAST FLOOR2214×1453 132 KB Uploading: fynal 1design.jpg… SECOND FLOOR PLAN2214×1453 180 KB Uploading: 8888.png… FLOOR PLAN6487×4251 664 KB 1ST FLOOR6574×4291 769 KB GROUND FLOOR6574×4291 765 KB Uploading: house 1.jpg… Uploading: rendering ss.png… FLOOR PLAN 16782×4420 695 KB FLOOR PLAN -26782×4420 834 KB
  3. I was did job properly, and I was showing how my work was going, Then you said it was good. when i complete all work and deliver, buyer told refund payment me , i said if you have any revision, i will solve it, please give me details .
  4. Buyer Requirements I would like to get a high quality photorealistic 3D rendering of my bedroom. I have already done the entire 3D modelling on Sketchup Pro 2019, with exact dimensions and proportions, I just want the materials, textures and lights to be included in a photorealistic 3D rendering. I have attached the Sketchup Pro 2019 file, which included the 3D Model of my Bedroom and have also attached the Materials and Textures PDF file, which includes all the Materials and Textures which are going to be included, with instructions on what and how things should be done. Waiting for Your response.
  5. i have completed more order and 461$ but no Level Seller . how can i get Level One Seller
  6. My Services: Exterior Architectural Visualization Interior Photorealistic Rendering Product Rendering 3D & 2D Floor Plans Architectural Floor plan , Section , Elevation , Working Drawing. The software I’m using: ✓ 3ds max + Vray. ✓ AutoCAD. ✓ Adobe Photoshop.
  7. I love using Fiverr as both a buyer and seller.
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