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  1. I hope you all are well. I created a gig lust 4 days ago but did not show any IMPRESSIONS or CLICKS. What should I do at this moment? My gig link below. Fiverr.com yusufmunshi3 : I will design amazing id card within 24 hours for $5 on...For only $5, yusufmunshi3 will design amazing id card within 24 hours. | Greetings!!I will design eye-catching fantastic Luxury professional Uniqueamazing id cards for you. I am always ready to work with you. I will work for you | On Fiverr Thank You.
  2. It took me around 6 month to get my first order!
  3. Like Flyer, business card, logo, etc .
  4. I am good in print related work.I want to start with that.
  5. I got it now . This category is too much competition.
  6. I understand. And Many thanks for helping me.…💓
  7. Sir then I will do in any others category
  8. Firstly, staying online does not increase your chances of getting orders! Check this out: Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked! As for your profile, everything looks good, but @looseink said, the gigs that you offer have TONS of competition! So what should I do now.
  9. Then it would be better to do in another category
  10. I opened my account a year ago but can’t get any orders. I have 6 gig .i am online regularly. Please what is the reason. if you look at my profile would say a little. Hare is the link: https://www.fiverr.com/yusufmunshi3 Thank you.
  11. Research your gig properly. I hope then you can get a good impression. and used a high-quality tag. Thank You.
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