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  1. Suddenly I lose all my gig rank in July but I did not found any reason behind this. In that case, how can I do the rank again? Would you kindly suggest some ideas to solve this problem? Thanks!
  2. You have to create perfect gig with attractive gig image and proper pricing according to the others who are selling same service in this marketplace so that buyers can feel interest to click on your gig. Then you have to send 10 buyer request everyday. After doing these If you stay online I think that will be helpful for you and you will get order. Thanks!
  3. Write to the point & Ignore unnecessary data & Information.
  4. I am also facing this problem although I did not cancel any order. I hope everything will be ok again.
  5. Buyer request sending is the easier way to get new order as a new seller.
  6. It looks more clean now. But it will be great if is it possible to make it more simple!
  7. Hello Everyone,

    Hope all are doing well.

    How is going this June? 

  8. Maybe this is not possible to remove which already sent.
  9. Really great news for digital marketers.
  10. Hello, Hope all are doing well. I am a little confused about adding tags on gig images. Maybe this is the new update at Fiverr. If anyone can explain the proper way to add the tag on gig images It will be very helpful for us who are confused about that. It can affect gig rank? Thanks in advance!
  11. Great! These step will be really helpful for them.
  12. Actually this is just my personal experience. I edited the gig and It worked after 60 days. Thank you.
  13. Yeah, You can change. Better image can create better impact Bad image can bad!
  14. Send 10 buyer request regularly After making nice gig.
  15. You have to understand by his/her conversation.
  16. Make Gig amazing then start to reply buyer request. I think you will get order early.
  17. Share with Fiverr support. They will help you.
  18. I never had a lack of orders after a level change. But first time I faced it for 1 month.
  19. I lost my “level one badge” last January. But the next evaluation of this April maybe I will get this badge again. we know that after getting a new level we face a lacking of orders. But my question is: Every time when the level will change will it (lack of order) happen or not?
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