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  1. I don’t think people seeing this post, no one will be tempted to buy your gig, don’t express seriousness and professionalism, personal advice: focus on your skills and on improving the gig quality, less gigs, but do better.
  2. I took a look at your profile and your gigs. 1 Videos, try to make them in the highest possible audio and video quality, speak more clearly and turn down the volume of the music, The videos are very often underestimated, but they help a lot, a 40% higher estimate of a customer being interested 2 works on the gigs and your profile (descriptions, images, packages and tags to add). One piece of advice I can give you is to take the fiverr tests on wordpress and customer service and to take the free fiverr course: https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller 3 The most important, be patient, my very first order in absolute came by chance after a few weeks of actively working on my projects, while trying to learn more and more, the more you learn the more you earn. I hope I was helpful.
  3. You are right, but if you don’t learn, and you don’t work hard on different parts of both fiverr and your preparation, you will get nothing
  4. I give you some advice, be patient and keep working hard and working on your skills and relating with clients. Good luck
  5. Unfortunately in some categories of customer support there are many people, it may seem annoying but you don’t have to worry because fiverr is a reliable platform that tries to help its users, in case you can try to contact them it could be that the request has not been stored
  6. Don’t worry, contact the support, what this person has done goes against the terms of fiverr
  7. It depends, if in the purchase that this person had made there was the option of commercial use, then he can resell it, even if I do not understand how since the voice over is on certain words, so basically if he has inserted the voice in a video for his gig, he’s a bit of a scam as he’s posing as another person.
  8. Hi, the advice I’m going to give you may seem simple, but most people don’t follow them. NOTES: It all depends on how long you are on fiverr and how much your gigs are available. Tips: 1 Be patient, the patience and virtue of a few, people want everything immediately but if you wait as well as have time to mature knowledge and skills, once the order arrives you will be happier and more satisfied. 2 Write a nice description, study how to set prices, in addition to this your profile is also important, try to do the tests related to your scope and also that of English, follow on Larn fiverr the free course on "how to become a seller successful ", take care of your profile as much as possible so that it looks professional. 3 Insert in the gallery of your gi only high quality images that show your works, if you can also insert a video so as to increase the chances that your gig will be seen. Many say that right now it is impossible to find buyers on fiverr,but is not so, work hard and the results are coming. I wish you all the best, goodbye
  9. I understand you, unfortunately fiverr is a beautiful platform but like every place there is no shortage of individuals of this type, who take advantage of it. I wish you the best for your project.
  10. Hi everyone, being a graphic designer I couldn’t help but notice the new fiverr logo, I had the curiosity to know if the community likes this logo, for me it is much better than the one before it wants to be a more geometric logo and that through colors I want to express reliability to people, so there is nothing to say, a perfect job. What do you think? it may seem like a useless post but it is not, working on this platform it is important to focus also on very small details
  11. Welcome on Fiverr, in this forum you will find many tips that will help you throughout your career. Good luck Emanuele
  12. Instead of “concerts” the correct word to use in this context is “gigs”. There seems to be a problem with showing gig clicks. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thank you for helping me, because I was convinced it was a problem with my connection or a compatibility problem with the browser
  13. Instead of “concerts” the correct word to use in this context is “gigs”. There seems to be a problem with showing gig clicks. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. The post having written on the mobile phone there are small grammatical problems using a non-English keyboard.
  14. Hi guys, welcome to this post, today I want to tell you about a possible bug that I have encountered a problem that I don’t know if it is a connection or browser problem or a bug. Then the problem is on the execution of the gig which for the uninitiated is a section in which there are graphs showing the performance of the gig by impressions, clicks, orders, etc… Today I wanted to make a statistic on the progress of my gigs to see how they have gone in the last few weeks, in practice you select the graph on the impressions, then I wanted to see the trend of the clicks I go to switch from impressions to clicks but the graph remains unchanged, the same goes for whatever you choose. Have you already encountered this problem? Gig Performance1364×308 1.01 MB
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