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  1. I don't understand people with little to no skills in what they promise get soo many client and I do get nothing! what is the problem can someone explain.
  2. i am saying that fiverr not required my Payoneer account detail and i not yet enter my payoneer account detail in fiverr so where fiverr transfer my payment.
  3. i already know all this information, but they transfer my payment without my bank detail required. i clicked the bank transfer button and it said they will tranfer with in 7 days without letting me to select the amount of money and adding any bank detail or any other required info… now where did that money go??
  4. fiverr withdrawal payment without my bank account detail what did i do now how do i enter my bank account detail to fiverr.
  5. I just want to know… if the extra fast price adds to the actual price or it’s a different price???
  6. hello and welcome. Good luck with your work. Hope you will have a good experience on here.
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