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  1. Last two weeks, I got 3 buyer request from sellers. In those requests, they are asking to contact them directly and not to respond in buyer request. I saw they have couple of reviews and they are not working in the same category ( compared to buyer request). I am really confused that are those perosns gonna give the job to anyone or they are trying to increase their “response time”???
  2. I think, you don’t need to worry. I also got same problem last month. I think you got this notification So, go ahead.
  3. Yeap, there is dot under it, which was not there before as i can remember.
  4. Everything just looking strange when I opened my fiverr today. But I think it will be fine for me within next two days. Actually if we become used to with something for a long time and it changes suddenly it looks strange. Isn’t it. But there is a problem with the letter ‘i’. They should choose a better font. Fiverr forum’s font is not changed yet.
  5. I am sending buyer requests daily but not getting enough orders. I used all the methods to get order like: 1.asking a question 2.Using low, standard, high budget 3.not using a message template 4.sending offers faster I have sent 208 requests and got only one job from a buyer and now I am continously working with him but not getting any new order. I want to hear from anyone who is experienced about buyers mentality help me to send perfect request. And I also want to know how faster I have to send request?
  6. I am a photo editor. Recently, I was working with a buyer. He was also taking services from a different seller who is a data entry operator. When I delivered my work at, the same time the other data entry seller also delivered his work. The problem created when the buyer had written “great data mining” in his review in my photo editing gig. It was a mistake. Now, I think it will create a very bad impression for other buyers. Please help me.
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