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  1. You need to change your gig, research correctly then create gig
  2. Create gig on different category then you get Buyer request.
  3. Don’t give up. Keep patience and follow some strategy.
  4. Hi Lena, It’s really shocking that your big project seller got banned. Don’t worry, I think Fiverr Help & Support Team will be recover it. Wait some days, and try to connect Support team. Thank You
  5. Yes, but sometimes gig impression may be decreased for some days.
  6. Don’t cahnge your title and Image.
  7. You need to send buyer request properly, don’t copy paste and also need to Optimize you gig.
  8. I can recommend you: 1.Send Buyer Request 2.Social Media Marketing 3. Active online
  9. If support member say “No”, you can,t get back
  10. Please go to Fiverr Support, They inform you properly
  11. Hi @ryzen_writer ,Yes you can put a gig on Data Entry Category.
  12. I think you need to do attention to your Gig Images, Description and Prices. Thank You
  13. It’s really sad for you. But never give up, work hard and keep patience.
  14. I recommend you to read this
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