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  1. Welcome to fiverr family. try to be different and unique. You will get order
  2. Welcome to fiverr family. Wait patiently and try to be online most of the time
  3. being always active helps you to do quick respond to buyer queries. that makes you to get more orders. work as a team for make it posiible
  4. i was joined in fiver on may 2020. But i did not get any order so many weeks. But i didn't giv eup i wait patiantly and got first order in fiver after many weeks. now i am a level one seller. so my fiverr friends, don't give up, work hardly and smartly. you will get orders. Here is some Tips for get orders. 1) Send buyer request daily. ( don't stop sending buyer request because sending buyer request helps to improve gig impression and it leads to getting higher rank for your gig) 2) Try to active most of time. ( 24/7 if you can ) 3) Do proper SEO on gigs 4) Respond to messages as soon as possible. ( short respond time helps to get order ) please try these tips definitely you will get orders. THANK YOU
  5. I have only one active gig and I have high impression rate. But I don’t get orders. Anyone can please explain why happening like this.
  6. It will take some time. I got my first order after 4 months. So keep trying don’t give up
  7. I posted my gig a month ago and I have high impressions but I don’t get much orders. Would you please check and notify me if my gig need any corrections.this is my gig link block.fiverr.com Access to This Page Has Been Blocked Thank you
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