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  1. Thanks for that, that was helpful. I can read that. To get around this issue use your fiverr app. Docs and pdf files are opening there. Hope it helps. Edit: Looks like its fixed.
  2. Yes, getting same issue. Any suggestion. I need this resolved asap. i got two clients waiting for answer.
  3. Check following post, its the fiverr myth number 3. https://forum.fiverr.com/t/top-5-fiverr-myths-debunked/497784
  4. I believe you. You should try content writing gig.
  5. Lucky you. Take a break on weekends and do some offline activities.
  6. Ya sure. Here are my suggestions: Create a link to your fiverr profile on your forum profile. Check how its setup on mine.You can have 7 active gigs as a new seller. So create 7 active gigs instead of one.Your gig title is too generic make it very specific.Your bio / profile description gives the impression that wanna work at fiverr part time / in your free time. It should give the impression you wanna work full time and you are available immediately.
  7. Remember this : Fiverr Messenger for communication and Fiverr orders for transactions.
  8. Whats not true though? That he won’t be able to make more then at no level?
  9. Ya but wait till you become TRS , you will make 2 time 3 times even 4 time for the same work you are doing.
  10. This is great. Another reason you should do more business at fiverr as a buyer and another reason why you should provide excellent service at fiverr as a seller.
  11. Well, that was not a $4000 design but a video production service. Rarely such sellers loose level. No, they will not loose the skill and competence and will get back the level soon again.
  12. Levels Matter. If you are selling tweets may be it don’t. If you are selling tangible service like webdesign it matters. You can’t charge more for tweets as a level 2. But you can definitely charge more if you are selling graphic design. Level indicate your experience and competence. If you are selling service like voice over. Level matters. Once again totally depends on what you are selling. I have seen one video production service sold for $4000 by top seller. Yes, for $4000. And that seller has sold multiple of them. There a reason for fiverr levels. A highly skilled service and a higher level is an formidable combination. Does new clients look at level? They definitely do. May be not repeat clients. By new i mean new to you not new to fiverr.
  13. First of all welcome to fiverr community. You should consider opening only one ticket for one issue and if you need to contact CS again regarding same issue you can add comment(s) on the same ticket. So one issue one ticket makes a lot of sense not only at fiverr but with any CS.
  14. Most buyers are looking for sellers with lot of reviews. That’s how it works, no matter what experts tell you. But there are also some buyers who are looking for new sellers due to various reasons. For example they want some one who can provide lot of work for cheap price, who will go extra mile, who will work more or less like an intern. There are also buyers who are looking for very specific / unique services. These are just some examples. So you wanna get in front of buyers who are looking for new sellers. Optimize all seven of your gig so that they appears on the front page of search result for very specific keywords/tags. So start with offering very unique/specific services.
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