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  1. Hope you’re looking for constructive criticism to improve because I am going to be harsh. Don’t read any further unless your sole goal is to improve and you do not take offense at things like this: A - You English in the titles is bad. “I will best work on excel and microsoft word” is not a proper sentence. B - Even if it was, it doesn’t explain what you are offering. You work with Excel and Word. That’s nice, but it doesn’t summarize the work. Should be something concrete like “I will perform Data Entry in Word or Excel”. C - Package description is also unclear. Provide information. “5 pages of data entry on word”. Give exact amounts so people will know what they’re buying. Also, try to remain professional “I will never break your heart” is something to put on Tinder, not Fiverr. D - Did you check the market? Look at what other people in your field are doing. What their prices are, what their project descriptions are, what their images are. E - “4 hours of work” is not a promising product. I want to know what you can do in 4 hours. If you can create what I need you to, I don’t care if it took you 4 hours or 30 seconds. I am paying for the final product. Try to monetize yourself based on final product, not time spent. I know it’s hard at first. But that’s what being a freelancer (usually) is. At least on Fiverr. Some sites sell “developer hours” but not Fiverr. Fiverr is selling products. F - Your Image seems kinda generic. Pay attention to your looks. G - The document in your screenshot looks plain. Also - The fact it’s a screenshot might give off the impression that you are being lazy. Create a beautiful document, with color coding, nice fonts, accurate alignment and so on. Then export that to a prettier file format (PDF maybe?) and print that. Make several of those. Also, you have an “Activate Windows” watermark there. Very unprofessional in my opinion. Apologies for being so hard on you, Figured that’s the best way to help you. Good luck.
  2. I’m pretty sure that it is against Fiverr TOS because you’ve met the buyer on Fiverr. The moment you start your communication here, you cannot switch to a different platform. But I could be mistaken.
  3. Update on the case - After bugging CS to no end, contacting my former Pro agent, learning she is on maternity leave, contacting (and bugging) the one replacing her (who’s email I found in the auto response), today I have been fully compensated for the full amount directly from fiverr (they already gave the buyer their money back). So my advice is - the next time something like this happens to you - Don’t give up! If you know you are in the right, keep doing all you can to get what you deserve, and… well… turns out Fiverr does compensate for cases like this.
  4. You should be getting better support as a Pro seller, though. Turns out the “Pro Program” is only for 8 weeks. You keep the icon but not the customer support benefit. Basically it’s just there to help you get started, not to help you streamline your actual work. BTW yesterday I’ve managed to finally catch the attention of a CS manager, whom I’ve convinced to re-open the case and check again if the cancellation was called for. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.
  5. Honestly, I think Fiverr is enabling this kind of behavior for two main reasons. The first being that they would rather piss off the working party rather than the paying party. As a buyer, the amount of money you put in is pretty clear and therefore if something was done illegally, it is much easier to prove exactly how much you’ve lost. As a seller, however, it is much more difficult to prove you are owed money you never possessed. Also, you would usually have put much more effort into the website and your gigs page, which would make it less likely that you would “turn on the platform”. The second reason is purely saving money on the customer support side of things. I am pretty sure the formulaic responses as well as not actually reading what precious CS representatives have written, as well as the constant switch of cases between different CS reps means this department is just barely funded and they are overwhelmed with far more cases than they can realistically handle. This of-course means it’s not really their fault, but the fault of management doing all they can to maximize profits at the cost of screwing us, the sellers. The really baffling thing about all of this is that the fiverr TOS states the exact opposite of what they are actually doing, which makes me think they were probably forced to write them the way they did by some laws. If I am correct, a legal action which would force them to comply with their own TOS is totally called for.
  6. @tatjanamitevska Unfortunately this strategy is quite impossible for me. I am a video game developer which means my orders rarely take less than a couple of weeks to deliver. This means that just increasing my rates isn’t going to cut it since a lost project is lost revenue, usually, for an entire month. I honestly think you should fight fiverr over the project you feel was wrongly cancelled. The project you cancelled yourself is probably a lost cause though.
  7. @praveenyt150 So you’re saying I should have waited until I receive at least the partial money they did agree to play me before posting this? Would be quite the story if this is how my case will end up.
  8. I’m really sorry to hear that @tatjanamitevska Buyers seem to have a free reign to request endless revisions to make us late for the delivery. 300$ is no small amount. I’d imagine it it at least the daily salary of a manager, so you’d imagine they would be more responsive. Very unprofessional indeed. Are you planning on doing something about this? In my case I strongly feel like several TOS were breached against me.
  9. It’s even worse than you think. You know how there’s an option to limit the number of revisions you offer the client? Well, turns out it’s not a technical limit, but a “recommendation”. The client can keep clicking on the “Request Revision” button as many times as they please. They don’t have to request a real revision, they can just say “Cancel the Project” and put you in a position where you now have to revise your work or get the order cancelled for being late.
  10. I’m glad you understand my position now. I’m always open to the possibility of being wrong, but even if I am, this is no way to treat a case such as this. I would urge you all to be very careful with your deals on this website and I would honestly recommend not selling anything expensive nor spending more time on Fiverr projects than you would be willing to not get paid for. I just received an email explaining how to open a ticket on Customer Support while writing this comment. Every time I respond to their Email there’s a new representative who has no clue as to what’s going on and rather than read previous communications starts the entire process from scratch. And once I send the explanation again there’s a new representative, who is also, starting from scratch. I am, honestly, dumbfounded. It’s like some kind of a dark comedy film, only in real life with thousands of dollars on the line.
  11. Hi praveenyt150, Thanks for your reply. Please don’t mistake my angry rant on the forum with my approach to customer support in the past week. I’ve been doing my best to remain professional and cooperative. I wanted to help them sort this issue and was willing to provide any information they might have needed from me. I even understood the first couple of times they told me to “try and get along with the buyer”. I know this post sounds extremely toxic and I guess they just broke me at this point. There’s a limit to how much crap a person can take and remain civil. Regarding their decision, I know it wasn’t the best one they could have made, because if it was the case would have been assigned to a single representative who would have done the effort of going through the facts, communicating with both me and the buyer and promptly informed me regarding the reason of the decision that was made (which they still didn’t btw. I have no idea what their reason for cancelling this order is). Instead, my case switch hands between 8 different people in a single week. I worked in customer support in the past and I have many friends who still do. I have never encountered a company which allows cases to be handled like this. I honestly feel like having a single representative responsible for taking care of a case which involves thousands of USD is not an unreasonable expectation. Do you?
  12. The past week one of my buyers had decided to try and scam me into cancelling an order which was completed in full. I immediately reached over to customer support in an attempt to get the situation sorted. So far I have spoken with 8(!!!) different representatives, all of which responded as if they are hearing about “some issue” for the first time ever. Yesterday the order was cancelled by customer support. The 8th representative so far wrote back to me - “Hello there ***, Let me look into it. After the relevant team’s review, we canceled the last milestone only - the first two milestones will still be paid out. I hope you find this somewhat reassuring. Let me know should you need anything else.” Thank you fiverr for the worst customer support experience I’ve had in my 32 years on this earth and thank you for stealing over 1,000$ worth of work from me. Oh btw, I am a “Fiverr Pro”. What a joke…
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