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  1. Don't violate the Fiverr rules If it was a misunderstanding try contacting Fiverr support maybe
  2. Contact with the Fiverr support team. Thank you.
  3. Most of time we don't get any response from buyer requests reply, The reason of write a general reply of buyer requests. So How we can write a effective buyer request reply?
  4. Thank you very much for the team's hard work as the community transitioned to this new forum software.
  5. Contact with Fiverr CS about the issue and send them your prove.
  6. if you want to get order you have to send buyer request with buyer’s requirement
  7. if you want to connect buyer. then try to send buyer request with buyer’s requirement
  8. Many many thanks for your valuable Information.
  9. Staying active on fiverr and send most relevant buyer request of your service with the reequipment of buyer.
  10. You have to increase your rating at least 4.7 by getting new order and review. then you can send the request.
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