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  1. You can only use one account to buy or sell. It is clearly stated in the rules, So you can delete one account. Or you could lose both accounts.
  2. No, you can go to the next level if you have all the requirements. You do not need to earn $ 400 again.
  3. read this and never give up https://www.fiverr.com/support/sections/360003474638-Gig-tips-and-tricks
  4. i looked at your gig my personal opinion is that the gig image should be more attractive it should be attractive to the buyer then a buyer will like it click on it…and you can put three image in one gig put them all…create more gigs and finally never give up…thank you
  5. Share your Gigs to Social Media.and Improving the Gig Title, Gig Description, Images, Tags/Keywords,
  6. 1…Stay online 24/7, use Mobile Apps to stay online for maximum time 2…Share your Gigs to Social Media.
  7. send buyer request daily…and make your gig look attractive.it will bring you lot of people.share your gig on social mediya.like face book,instagram…you can get successful results…
  8. make a good gig in an attractive way, put buyer requests every day. always stay online.
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