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  1. Very Informative... Thanks
  2. Hi Everybody ! How are you doing today ? Recently I Successfully completed my first Order on fiverr & Client was happy with my work but My client forgot to provide me review. You guys know that how important the first review on fiverr getting more order. But according to fiverr TOS , I can’t even tell my buyer to give me review. So, What should I do now. Please !!! Thanks All
  3. you better contact with Customer Service. Hope you will get support from them.
  4. I totally agree with you. Contact with CS and provide them Screenshot of your conversation.
  5. You must contact with Customer support in that case
  6. very informative post though it’s not for new seller.
  7. There is no tricks to get your first order bro ! Just you have to send buyer request and Don’t give up.
  8. I hope you got your answer. Another thing is you must active on this platform as much as you can.
  9. Read Carefully the Fiverr’s TOS first, Then create your new gig.
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