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  1. To me, actually, it's the "Hope". It's really good news for you if a real buyer knocks you for any of your services. Then the other thing always depends on your convincing power. Don't be too excited to think you will get your first order right away, just try to give your best to let him/her know you are the best one who can fulfill their needs! It is like a big motivation for me!
  2. It's a common issue once a seller level is changed. It took some time to be right back I think, but you will get some extra benefits from that as a Top Rated Seller. Please visit the link to learn more: https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/15140188560913-Top-Rated-Sellers
  3. All you need to know regarding Seller Levels. https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/15140188560913-Top-Rated-Sellers
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have done this process today. and also very happy after this!. Best of luck, all.
  5. Hi there, Finally i have done this verification process successfully. I think it doesn’t matter what phone you are using. it was only 4 days left to verify when i was tried last. fortunately it woks and i have verified my id through this process. I don’t know what was the fault before, i want to suggest to all of the victims of this problem to try everyday one or two times at least. it can be done one day before the validation time. have got many suggestion from various sources, but nothing is works unfortunately. with my real experience it’s possible to verify smoothly with scanned copy of ID and also no matter what phone you are using, just need to care about camera(a good quality and clear Image is enough, it’s not mandatory to use iphone or something…). And also, a CS’s guy is help me to stay positive and not to be frustrated as i was getting depressed at all!. but i’m very happy after solve this. I hope everyone will get rid from this matter. All the best. Alex.
  6. Hi, Obviously I will keep posted to you and other victims if I got the solution. by the way, how many days left to you to verify ID?.
  7. Good. I’m also on the same way. waiting for CS’s solution.
  8. As i tried with more than one devices, I realize that this option is different by each device. better you can try with another one. last time i have tried with my “Xiaomi Mi 8” device. there was 4 option with Capture and File. I have try with Capture and File too. but, both is not working for me. But, the Customer Support team still saying that their relevant team is working on this issue still, they will keep posted to me if when they got solution. on the other hand, i have only 7 days left to verify my ID. I don’t know what will be after this!. By the way, you can try with different device now. if you got any solution, then don’t forget to let me know, please. best of luck. Alex
  9. Hi there, you can try to use gallery photo by clicking on the document option under the camera when you going to upload photo. I don’t know it will work for you or not. it’s not workable for me. I don’t know what to do!! It makes me depressed really!. 😔
  10. No, there’s no need for a scanned copy. However, since, during the verification process (in addition to the camera App to take a live photo), you also have the option to open the gallery App (which gives you access to the photos on your phone) and upload a premade photo, you could opt for that, too. The only reason I suggested using a premade photo in my original post was because users have reported (on the forum) greater success using this option. Several users have reported issues with using the live photo option (as it can sometimes lead to a dark/blurry image). However, it is entirely up to you to chose whichever option you think will work best for you 🙂 I would also suggest that you do not use scanned documents at all as they usually tend to be of lower quality (resolution) in comparison to a photo taken with a good DSLR camera or smartphone camera. Hello man, I’m confused about this ID verification matter!. when I Captured a photo of my ID it’s not working(I mean, my id is not showing on the upload are, and also the next button was not active/working). I have tried with different phones and also try with a scanned document but it still the same. I don’t understand what to do!. already have tried to connect with Fiverr Customer Support but they still can’t give me a solution to this. they said that they will keep posted if they got any solution for my problem. It’s 2020, if anyone there please make a quote about it if possible. thanks in advance. Alex
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