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  1. I have started getting a little concerned. since last week nether I am getting an order nor my gigs are getting viewed. My gigs are gradually getting de ranked. I am confused what I have to do to get back on first page. Your suggestions will be appretiated. Thanks
  2. just to provide them the exact service for their requirement
  3. have you noticed, often sellers are posting fake request just for stealing their competitor’s strategy, and their work quality, I often seen buyer request from sellers who were just tended to get my work quality/techniques and sample instead of buying my service.
  4. I understand your concern. just go to your seller account and click on the more category on the header then definitely you will see the buyer request there. see on the screenshot image1366×768 115 KB
  5. That’s because you didn’t make the right gigs, means your skills are different and you have selected different category/skills, So you have to again edit your gigs and set them in the right category, then you will get the relevant buyer requests as well as you will rank on fiverr
  6. Thank you very much for your response and much appreciate your consideration
  7. That is pretty easy, as custom offer always appears on the notification feature, ask your client click on the notification feature, from there she can accept the offer.
  8. welcome, and good luck for your fiverr journey 🙂
  9. Hi guys, I am unaware about fiverr gigs ranking. how long does it takes for a gig to rank on fiverr for a specific keywords? Please let me know. Thank you
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